workout – progress week 3

Hiiii beauties!

Time for this weeks workout update, yaay, how exciting. (i’m in such a good mood today, go figure)


Don’t even ask me why the photos have such a bad quality, I just don’t know what’s happening with my life atm.

But yes, this is me right now, no difference form last week, but I’ve made some progress in the training. The only day that was a downer was saturday, since I woke up at 12 and the gym closes at 1 so I had to skip gym that day. I’ve started running for the whole fifteen minutes instead of walking some of it, and the reversed situps are going great with 30×5. I’ve also started doing regular situps, 20×3. I’ve started doing 40 core/torso/we rotations on each side and then if I’m feeling it doing 20 or 30 more on each side.
I do 120kg on the leg press and 70kg in squats. I don’t really know how much I use when doing my biceps and triceps since it’s on a machine, but I do about 30×2 on both of them.

So, the upside of this week is that workout has been going great! but the downside is that my diet hasn’t. I’m not proud of it but I have been eating candy and drinking soda and I’m soo so bad.

I can’t really seem to remember that I’m doing this for myself and only myself, and that it is okay to have a snack sometimes and it’s okay to have a cheat day once in a while, but it’s so hard not to feel bad about it. This is a lifestyle, a journey,  a road, not a destination that has to be reached. It’s great to have goals and try to achieve them, but it’s totally fine to let it take time. It’s supposed to take time, because what I am trying to reach isn’t a temporary change, it’s a permanent. I want to change my life and the person I have been, and it’s got to take some time. Just because I have a chocolate bar and a can of soda doesn’t mean that I have to start over at zero because that’s not at all how it works. It’s important to know that, and remember it.

That was todays motivation and progress. Hope it gave you some thinking.

Love, Ellie


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