all these nights


take me home and lay me by your sideĀ 

Hello everyone who comes across this blog. I’m sitting with my hair in a bun and some fairy lights on my walls. I often wonder why all these nights seem so lonely, when in reality it’s not more than usual.

Okay, on a completely other note, I really want people to read my blog, but I’m not the type to share it on my social media. And that annoys me so much because there is really no other way for people to find this blog. I know that the more relatable post I write, the more people will find my blog, but I have no idea on what to write at all. I have so many ideas but I’m not really sure myself yet on what it is I want this blog to be about, more than my life and lifestyle of course. Of course blogging isn’t all about attention and all that, but of course readers is what I want to attract with my blog. I often try to make my blog posts and updates longer and try to think about things to write to make it more interesting, but my life isn’t anything out of the ordinary actually. Nothing exciting happens in my life, more than in any other peoples. I wake up, I go to school, I study and I watch movies, eat candy and sometimes I work out, just like any other person, and that’s the thing making this slightly difficult for me because I really can’t figure out what to write that will make people interested in me and my life.

This was quite a rant about what I want to reach through this blog, and I guess I’ll have to figure it out eventually. Until then, I’ll be sure to post about whatever boring happens in my life.

Love, Ellie