Makeup routine

heya beauties! 

I’m back again with a new makeup routine for you guys! Since It’s summer and I have nowhere to be at most days, I usually don’t put on makeup, but when I do, this is the look I’m going with. So I just thought I should share it with you guys.

Also, i just want to point out that I didn’t use my camera to take most of these pictures but instead my handy dandy phone, so the pictures are not of best quality, okay.


So I started out with the base, which is the maybelline new york fit me foundation in 110, the maybelline new york fit me concealer in 115 and the maybelline new york fit me powder in 115.



Then I continued with my eyebrows, which I did with the Isadora eyebrow pencil in the color 21 dark brown.



Then I did my eyeliner with the Isadora glossy eyeliner in the color 40 chrome black.


Of course I had to finish it with mascara and a bit of contour and highlight. I used my precious Isadora big bold mascara, and I used my oh so pretty contour kit which I still don’t know if the brand is called pashion or fashion but either way I love it. I also used the Isadora twist-up gloss stick in the color 29 clear nude on my lips.


The finished look is soo pretty, I think. I just love how simple it is and everything. Like it’s not hard at all to achieve this look and you definitely don’t have to be a makeup pro to fix this. Just look at me, haha.

Well, that was it for this update. I hope you stay tuned for more fun posts and follow my blog!

Love, Ellie


Cruelty free makeup brands

Hello beauties! 

I’m currently in the process of cleaning out all of the makeup that I have that I know is tested on animals or companies owned by animal testing brands. I am in no way trying to push my personal thoughts and feelings on you, and I’m in no way a vegan or vegetarian, what so ever, but I do not want to be apart of the animal testing that is going on. If you have and use makeup that is tested on animals I won’t judge you or look down on you, we are all human of the same value. But I thought that it would be fun to share some of the makeup brands I’m planning on start using. Most of these, I haven’t actually tested or maybe won’t even buy, but it would be fun to share some knowledge with you and give you tips if you want cruelty free makeup or if you just want to test new makeup brands.

DISCLAIMER! There may or may not be makeup brands in this list that actually do test on animals or are owned by companies that do. If that’s the case, please inform me about it because the information I share with you are things that I’ve heard and read up on myself.

Too faced 
This is a great brand for people who are more into natural colors and makeup. I personally don’t have any of their makeup since I don’t live near a store that sells them, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about this makeup brand. Since I’ve not tested it myself, I can’t actually tell if this is true or not, but it’s an alternative for people. I also think that some of their packaging and palettes are really cute.


I can’t tell you for certain that isadora isn’t owned by a bigger company that tests on animals, but on what I’ve read and heard, which is a lot, I can’t find anywhere where it says that they test on animals but they are very often used in lists like this. I hope that it’s true and that they don’t test on animal because most of my favorite makeup products are from isadora. I personally love isadora products, and use their mascara and eyebrow pencils everyday. I think it’s a really good and affordable brand.

Skärmavbild 2016-03-27 kl. 00.06.49

I don’t have many makeup products from elf, even though it’s available almost everywhere where I live. Mostly because I find it hard to tell difference of their colors and how they match my skin, and also because where I live, makeup isn’t the cheapest. But I have tested elf and most of their products are really really great. Their makeup is often very natural and organic. I recommend.


H&M’s own makeup 
I don’t know how it is where you live, but the h&m store in my town sell almost no makeup, but I know that they have a lot of pretty makeup on their website. H&M have written a whole lot themselves about this matter and how they do not use animal testing, either on the ingredients or the finished products. If you want to talk to someone more capable of giving you the right information, I’m pretty sure it’s quite easy to get in contact with them and their staff. I haven’t tried their makeup myself yet, except for a blusher that I liked really much. Most people I know that have tested their makeup seems to like it, so I would probably give it a shot.


Wet Wild 
I really like this makeup brand, especially their coverall primer. It leaves my skin both primed and really smooth. They, too, have a text explaining their position and I think that it would be easy to get in touch with them too. Really recommend this brand!


Love, Ellie

Tips for healthier hair

Hi beauties! 

Since I’ve been gone for a while I really want to make it up to you by uploading as much as possible. I was going to make something more creative today, but I guess my flu decided to stay a little longer so I have no energy today.

But this is a topic that I’m very educated in. Not really, but I started dying my hair when I was around eleven and it was at that same age that I started straightening my hair everyday too. My sister is a professional hairdresser so she always tell me to take care of my hair and in the beginning she practically took care of my hair for me. So since I’ve been pretty bad with my hair I’ve learned a lot about it, and how to keep it healthy. So I thought I would share some of my own best tips.

DISCLAIMER! I am in no way professional or can tell you for certain that these things will help. I’m only here to tell you what has worked for me and what professionals have told me to do.

Don’t wash it a lot
I know that this might seem scary and terrifying for some, I know it did for me, but easing up on the washing is good in so many ways for your hair. By not washing your hair as often, your hair won’t have to produce as much oil and it will make your hair stay fresh longer. This is because when people, like I did before, wash their hair everyday or very often, your hair will start increasing the producing of the natural oils you need in your hair since shampoo wash away all the natural oils, resulting in oily hair much faster. It can be really hard for some to do this, like when I didn’t wash my hair everyday and my hair got oily I felt really gross and dirty, which isn’t true. And since your hair is so used to producing a lot of oil it will take some time for it to settle down. But I promise you it’s worth it. Your hair won’t have to work as hard and your hair will feel much better when it doesn’t get all dry and damaged by as much shampoo.

Ease up on the heat
This doesn’t mean that you should never ever ever use heat on your hair, but convince yourself that it isn’t needed. I have really thick, curly hair and I’ve always had such complex over it. I was really young when I started straightening my hair, and It didn’t go a day when I didn’t straighten it. And since I also showered every morning I had to blow dry it too, which also heats up the hair. Now I know that if I don’t want to straighten my hair, I don’t need to. And I’ve learned to embrace it the way it is. If you really want to fix your hair with heat, make sure you find a really good heat protection. I’ve learned this the hard way, it’s taken years for me to finally have somewhat medium length hair and still keep it somehow healthy. Just know that some people have more heat resistant hair than other, but if you overuse heat it will cause problems and damage.

Brush it (but not too often) 
Hair is really complicated, because there isn’t a single thing that won’t do damage to your hair. Like brushing. I’m not good with brushing my hair, and only do it once in a while, but it can be quite important. While brushing your hair also damages it, not brushing your hair is pretty bad. This statement changes from person to person, but if you have hair as thick, curly and tangly as mine it causes more damage not to brush it. As I said, I’m not good with the brushing, and if you don’t have curly hair, ask someone who has and they will probably tell you the same thing. I only brush my hair the times I’m planning on straightening it. But going around with tangles and knots in your hair tears on it a lot. Don’t over-brush your hair,  but take time to brush it.

Cut it
This is probably the most important. I’ve had people tell me that they don’t want to cut their hair because they want to grow it out and they never do anything that damages it. Like I said before, everything you do damages your hair in one way or another. Brushing your hair damages it, showering damages it, sleeping damages it, wearing ponytails, pulling it and stuff like that damages it too. Just because heat and dye may be a little bit worse, you can’t do anything that doesn’t damage your hair at all. I’ve also heard people say that there’s no need to cut the ends of your hair since it’s the roots that grow. Now, okay, one part is true, but how your ends look affects the growing of your roots. How often you need to cut your hair depends on how well and healthy it already is. If you never do anything to really cause damage, than you won’t need to cut it often at all, but trim it a little bit once in a while to get rid of the split ends or they will start damaging more of your already healthy hair. Hair is very individual, and nobody can tell for all people how hair is and needs to be taken care of. I know for a fact that some people can’t grow their hair long when it’s damaged, while I have friends that have the longest hairs but it’s so unhealthy because they never cut it. Cutting your hair will not only get rid of the split end and help with damage, but it will also make it grow faster.

Know what it is you’re doing
I won’t telling anyone to do their hair professional or with someone who knows, because I have both dyed and cut my own hair. I’ve actually never dyed my hair in a salon even though I haven’t had my own natural hair since I was 11-12 years old. I am all for doing what you want with the hair that you yourself has control over. After all, it’s just hair, it will probably grow out, nothing that you do to your hair is permanent since it always keeps growing and hair is just hair. Cut it at home if you want to save some money, dye it at home if you want to, do whatever you want to do, but make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Know that you shouldn’t cut your hair with bad scissors, like kitchen scissors. Make sure you know what will happen to your hair, but don’t be afraid to take changes. If you want to bleach or dye your hair and you are a person who doesn’t want to go out of your comfort zone, go to a hairdresser and let them help you. I’ve always loved living in the moment and just doing spontaneous things, like deciding that today, right now, I want to dye my hair. Know that doing things like that will damage your hair, but you should also know that doing things, like bleaching your hair, won’t always cause your hair to fall out or break. I’ve dyed my hair more times than I can count in my head, ever since I was eleven six years ago, and bleaching it has been one of my favorite hobbies. I’ve never, ever lost any hair due to dying it, even though I’ve been doing it for years. Though, it’s damaged my hair a lot and now that I’m trying to make it healthy it takes a lot of time and patience. If you want healthy hair to the max, don’t dye it at all and do everything professional, but whatever you decide to do, your hair has done nothing wrong to you so make sure you know what you’re doing.

Use good products 
If you use products in your hair, use good products. When it comes to hair and hair products, most of the good ones are expensive, and cheap ones aren’t as good. Make sure you use the right shampoo and conditioner for your own hairtype and know what your hair needs and what it don’t. If you have damaged and/or dry hair, I would suggest you start using argan oil. It’s sooo good for your hair and depending on brand, it smells really good. I take argan oil in my hair after every shower when my hair is wet, not matter what I’m doing with it.
Make sure your heat protection really protects and help your hair, and take it easy with the hairspray. Your hair doesn’t like hairspray. How much you decided to do to your hair and how many/what products you use depends on how much you care about your hair. I really want my hair to be healthy, once and for all, so I’m picky with my shampoo and conditioner, I always use argan oil and antifrizz and a lot of heatprotection when styling it. I also drown my hair in coconut oil every once in a while and keep it in over night before washing it out. My hair looooves it, and I can assure you that your hair will too.

That was it for today, hope you learned something new. As I’ve already said, I’m in no way professional or educated what so ever, but I have a lot of experiences and I’ve learned a lot the hard way. Every hair is different and there’s no guarantee that this will work for you but it worked for me. Have a good day!

Love, Ellie

New Years Makeup

Hello there everybody! 

Finally, my post about my new years makeup is done! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any pictures of how the makeup turned out. I really tried, and I know I waited to post this until I’d redone the makeup from new years, but nothing worked and I got too tired of it after almost an hour trying to get the pictures to work. But I posted pictures of all the products I used, and wrote down everything I did, if anyone wanted to know. I’m sorreeh.


Okay, the first thing I used was my foundation, which is the face finity all day flawless 3 in 1 foundation from max factor in the color light ivory 40. I love this foundation. It covers almost anything, and compared to the L’Oreal true match that I had before this one it’s almost perfect. The reason I changed from true match, because I’ve used true match since almost forever, was because of how pale I am, and the lightest in true match was too dark for me. I don’t know if true match have any lighter shades than the one I used, but I couldn’t find a lighter anywhere. I really recommend this, even though I know that it won’t work for everybody. I have quite a combination skin, and some parts of my face are soo oily, while other parts are really dry, so I only use moisturizer on my forehead and nose. This foundation works for the oily parts of my skin, as well as the dry parts. I really like it.


The next thing I did was my concealer, which is the fit me from maybelline. The color number is 15. I really like this concealer, and I mostly use it under my eyes to brighten my face up a little. I think that it’s a little darker than my foundation, but I couldn’t find a lighter shade when I bought it. So at first I was a little skeptical, thinking that it would look too dark compared to the rest of my skin. But it’s actually really light. It’s not too light but is quite perfect together with my foundation and powder. This sits forever on me, and I never use a primer so I’m really happy when makeup lasts a long time on my face. A plus for that one.



The next thing I did was powdering my face. For that I used the Fit me pressed powder from maybelline. Mine is in the color 115 Ivory. It’s so pale, and it was the palest I could find. I’ve had problem with finding a perfect shade for my skin tone for a really long time, and all of the foundations and powders I use turn out to be too dark for me. When I went and bought the new makeup I really tried to find everything in the lightest shade possible. This powder is amazing, and I really like it. I’ve always used the true match, as I did with the foundation, and it doesn’t work nearly as well as this one. This powder is quite matte and works so well together with my foundation, even though it’s not the same brand. I really, really like this powder.


When I was done with the powder, I did my eyebrows. I used my eyebrow pencil from IsaDora in the color 21 dark brown. As you know, I recently bought this, and I also said that I haven’t really used pencils before. This pencil is really good. I’ve had a trouble with pencils in my past, and they always turn out to be too liquidy or too hard. This one was near to perfect. It may be a little dark for my blonde hair, but I like having my brows a bit dark. Yeah, I really like that one, and I’m kinda getting used to the whole pencil thing.


Next thing, the thing you’ve all been waiting for, my contour! As I’ve said before, it’s a contour kit from pashion/fashion (I still can’t figure out what it says on the package)  O M G, I am in love with this. It’s not specifically this kit that I’m in love with, but the whole thing with contouring. I haven’t done too much, like you can barely see it, but it really makes a difference from my face before I use it. I know that this whole contour thing isn’t news for many people, but I’ve just lived for my blush and that’s it. I’m just so in love with contouring because it just makes makeup so much more fun. I know that it’s not a new thing or anything, I just haven’t used it before. I used the brown in the middle at the bottom to make the dark contour under my cheekbones, and I also took it up to my temples and a little on my jaw line. I then took the light one in the upper left under my eyes and also between my jaw and cheek to make the dark a little bit more intense. I took a tiny bit of the highlighter in the upper right just above my cheekbones, just to highlight my face a bit, and I also took some blusher between the brown and the highlight to kinda blend the two together a little better. I love it!


For my eye makeup, I used the highlighter from my contour kit as eyeshadow, just to brighten my eyes a little bit, and the color was also really pretty. I then used my IsaDora liquid eyeliner. As you can see, I don’t draw my eyeliner all the way of my lash line, because I don’t like the way it looks on me. I end it somewhere around the middle of my eyelid. The mascara is probably the thing that finishes the whole look, and I use my oh so loved big bold mascara from IsaDora. As I’ve said before, that thing is my shit. I could use it forever. I’ve never had a mascara that I’ve loved that much. There’s nothing for me to not like about it. It’s simply perfect.

There you have it. This is probably my longest post ever, but I hope it was worth it. I’m so glad that I’ve finally found products that I adore, and that I will stick with. I’m happy that they work for me, because that’s what I’ve been looking for you know. So yeah, until I find products that fits me better than these ones, I’m sticking with them. Hope I inspired you to do something, buy better makeup or do things that you haven’t tried before or just simply interested you in makeup. What I want to say with this is that you should most definitely try new things with your makeup, do a badass contour, wear a bright purple eyeshadow if that’s what you’re into, use a lot of mascara, draw your eyebrows the way you want and never ever think twice about what other people think. Most importantly, have fun. That’s what it’s all about.

Love, Ellie

new makeup

hello guys! 

I was away shopping on sunday and I bought a lot of things! I’m gonna make another post about that with all of the things I got. Right now I just wanted to show you guys the makeup I got. I only got three things, as you can see in the picture, but they were sooo worth it, like jesus.

I am no good in contouring or anything, but practice makes perfect, right? The contour kit as you can see is from the makeup brand pashion? Fashion? I can’t really tell and I have never heard of it before. Anyways it’s a powder kit, which I’ve heard are better for beginners than cream contour. I haven’t tried it yet, but the colors look nice, even though the highlighter and light colors are quite dark for my very pale skin tone. I think I’m gonna test it tomorrow and let you guys know what I think of it. Maybe I’m gonna do post about my makeup routine? Only time knows.

The mascara that I bought is the Big Bold mascara from Isadora and let me just say, wow. This is not the first time I use it, nor the last, but o m g I love it. That mascara is my life. My lashes get super big and it’s such a pretty black color. I don’t really like the way some mascaras have a slightly light kind of black shade. This mascara is pitch black, at least on my lashes. I have the biggest complex over my eyelashes, and while some people like their lashes kinda clumpy and sticky, I want my lashes to be separated. I almost want my lashes to look as separated as fake lashes. I even have thought about start using false lashes just because how perfect they look. This mascara is perfect for me. It separates the lashes, even though the brush isn’t hard. I just love it, it’s just my kind of mascara.

The eyebrow pencil is also from Isadora and it’s in the shade 21 dark brown. Now, I don’t really like to fill in my eyebrows with pencils, because of how my natural eyebrows are so blonde they can’t be seen,  and pencils tend to make it hard to draw lines that aren’t too hard or dark. I tend to like powder more. But this pencil was almost perfect. It had the perfect color, and it wasn’t creamy, but not too hard either. It worked just right for me. I still have to learn to work with pencils, since I’m so used to draw my eyebrows with powders, but as I said with the contour, practice makes perfect. Hopefully, anyways.

Okay, that was the makeup that I got. The reason I wanted to show that was because, as I wrote in the beginning of the post, I’m probably going to make a makeup post and try the contour to see what I think of it, and also show you how the eyebrow pencil looks. I’m going to make a post about everything else that I bought, because I just love all of the things so much.

Love, Ellie