workout – progress week 5

Hi babes!

I’m back after a week without any updating. I was going to post things, but I was so busy with school and since it was the first week of real school and real classes it was a bit to like figure out and stuff. But today I’m back with another weekly progress.

(again, I have no idea why the pictures turn out like that, it’s weird)

But yes, this is me today. Progress progress progress. I know that I say this is the fifth week, but it’s really not because I’ve been working out all summer, but I will go after the first pictures I uploaded.

This weekend has been a real downer, because I didn’t workout and I ate a lot of candy, shame on me. But that happens sometimes and it’s totally okay. The routine hasn’t changed and is still the same, start with a 20 minute run/walk, 30×5 reversed situps, 30 core/torso rotations on each side, 130kg in leg presses and I do 100 of them, 50 squats with 50 or 70 kg in weight, depending on the day. Since I work my arms in machines, I’m not really sure what weight I use, but I do 30 on the bicep with quite heavy weight, and 30 on the tricep also with quite heavy. Or at least quite heavy for me.

Yeah, so there has been both ups and downs for the past weeks but that’s okay, it happens sometimes. I seem to forget that even though I have a goal I want to reach, I’m not doing this to reach that goal and then quit. This is a change of life, and I will keep going even when I’ve reached my goals. And I do this for me, it’s important to do it for you. Because if you don’t you won’t have that same motivation. It will feel totally different. And if you really want it, it should be fun, feel good, be something that you really want to do. Working out and getting fit isn’t something you have to do, no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to do it. Do it because you want to because whatever reason you do it, it’s for yourself.

Love you all, Ellie


workout – progress week 3

Hiiii beauties!

Time for this weeks workout update, yaay, how exciting. (i’m in such a good mood today, go figure)


Don’t even ask me why the photos have such a bad quality, I just don’t know what’s happening with my life atm.

But yes, this is me right now, no difference form last week, but I’ve made some progress in the training. The only day that was a downer was saturday, since I woke up at 12 and the gym closes at 1 so I had to skip gym that day. I’ve started running for the whole fifteen minutes instead of walking some of it, and the reversed situps are going great with 30×5. I’ve also started doing regular situps, 20×3. I’ve started doing 40 core/torso/we rotations on each side and then if I’m feeling it doing 20 or 30 more on each side.
I do 120kg on the leg press and 70kg in squats. I don’t really know how much I use when doing my biceps and triceps since it’s on a machine, but I do about 30×2 on both of them.

So, the upside of this week is that workout has been going great! but the downside is that my diet hasn’t. I’m not proud of it but I have been eating candy and drinking soda and I’m soo so bad.

I can’t really seem to remember that I’m doing this for myself and only myself, and that it is okay to have a snack sometimes and it’s okay to have a cheat day once in a while, but it’s so hard not to feel bad about it. This is a lifestyle, a journey,  a road, not a destination that has to be reached. It’s great to have goals and try to achieve them, but it’s totally fine to let it take time. It’s supposed to take time, because what I am trying to reach isn’t a temporary change, it’s a permanent. I want to change my life and the person I have been, and it’s got to take some time. Just because I have a chocolate bar and a can of soda doesn’t mean that I have to start over at zero because that’s not at all how it works. It’s important to know that, and remember it.

That was todays motivation and progress. Hope it gave you some thinking.

Love, Ellie

workout – progress week 2

Hello beauties!

I was supposed to upload this on monday, but I have been busy with like stuff and everything, so it’s going up today instead.

I have made quite some progress this last week, but I unfortunately had some downs last week. I had to skip training for a few days since I was having a sore throat and a bit of a runny nose. But it didn’t stop me and I have been working harder the last couple of days. I’m quite proud over the fact that I have stopped myself from eating candy and unhealthy food this past week. I’m really trying to remind myself that this is for myself, why give in to cravings when I don’t want to. I know it’s not really that simple, but yes it is.

My workout routine hasn’t really changed, only progressed a bit. I start with running for about fifteen/twenty minutes depending on my legs and feet. I’ve stretched my limit from 25×4 to 30×5 on the reversed situps. Some days I have extra power and do some more. I do the same with the core/torso/whatever rotations and use the same amount of weight. I’ve gone a little harder with the squats though, and use about 70kilos and do 40 or 50. It’s not that heavy for my leg muscles, but I can’t use much heavier right now because of knee problems, but I’m working on it.

As I’ve said before, this works for me and fits my body type and personal goals, but it doesn’t mean that it will work the same for you or your type of body. And remember the difference between goals, limit and energy. Don’t limit yourself, but have goals and try to reach them.

Love, Ellie

workout – progress

Hello beauties! 

Since this is a lifestyle blog, I thought it could be motivation for both you and me to have a progress workout type of post like once a week, maybe every monday. I’m going to try and see how it works and how much you guys like it.

I was thinking that for these kind of posts I would talk about how my body has changed during the week, how the workout has been, maybe some ups and downs that happened during the week, some slacking or if I have worked harder than the week before. Also maybe make a updated workout routine if I change it during the passing weeks. Also maybe sometimes update you guys about what I eat and if I have had a little cheat day or not and stuff like that.

So, this is my current state, I just took these photos. As you can see, most of the unnecessary fat that I have is on the upper body, mostly my breasts and my stomach, which are the two places that I work the hardest. I also try to work my arms some since they also carry a lot of unnecessary fat.

I started this new lifestyle in june sometime, but I never took photos so there’s nothing I can compare with really. But I currently weigh about 90-92 kg, which is quite a lot for me since I’m quite short. Even though I’ve gained some muscle weight since I started working out. I think I weighed about 87 or 88 kg when I started working out and eating clean. But it’s still quite a bit overweight. My goal right now is to reach 75 kg, even though I know it’s not the scale that matters really.

This last week has been quite meeh. I haven’t really worked my hardest and I could’ve worked myself closer to my limit. I’ve also had a downfall in my diet and I have eaten some junk food and candy. Even though todays workout was way harder than I expected and it was the roughest I’ve done in a while.

My current workout routine may be quite simple for some, but you gotta start somewhere right?
I start by powerwalking/running in intervals. How long or what distance depends on the day, and how much my feet and knees can take, but I usually run for about ten or fifteen minutes.
When I’m done with the running, I head over to a mat and do some reversed situps. I started out by doing 20×4 but I’ve stretched my limit to 25×4.
When I’m done I do squats/leg press. Some days I do squats, some I do leg presses, some I do both. It all depends. When I do the squats it’s usually with 40 kilos in weight, and I do about 40 or 60 depending on my daily limit. With the leg press it’s usually with 40 kilos in added weight and the “sled” weighs 57 kilos, and I do about 20×4 of those.
I still don’t know what they’re called, like at all, but I’m gonna keep calling them torso rotations because that’s what they are, okay. So I started by doing 15 on each side, with 64lb in weight, but have started doing 40 on each side with 72lb.

Sometimes I try to work my biceps too, but it all depends.

This is what I usually do and it’s what I set my mind for when going to the gym, but like I’ve said before, it all depends on how much I want to do. This is a routine i’ve made for myself, but I don’t limit myself to this. If I’m not tired when I’ve been running for fifteen minutes, I don’t stop because it’s in my routine, the same goes for all the other things. If I do 20 reversed situps and I know that I can do more, I do more. Work till you can’t anymore. Have a goal and work for it, but don’t set that goal as a limit.

Also, this is what I do that feels good for me, and things that fit me and the parts of my body that I need to work on. If these are things that you feel like will work for you too, then go for it, but everyone’s bodies are different.

Love, Ellie

working out

Hi beauties! 

I just thought I should update you guys a little. I was at the gym today as I always am, and it was such a hard workout session, even though it wasn’t very long. I didn’t run that much, but it is hard for my legs to run so that’s not a big surprise. But it was about 2 kilometers in fifteen minutes.

I mostly worked my legs and my abs today. Doing 20×4 reversed sit ups, and then some torso rotations I think they’re called? I can’t remember exactly how many I did but I think I used about 70lb, I just know that I did enough of them to have really sore abs right now.
I did 20×4 squats with 100lb in weight, and also leg presses with 200lb.

So the workout was done pretty quickly but it surely brought me some headache.

Right now I’m just relaxing in bed listening to some music, thinking about eating some thai food that my mom bought me. Also, I was thinking about how to do these workout updates. I was thinking about maybe having like a journal every week like writing down my progress and the whole process once a week. I don’t know what you guys like best so I’m not sure yet. But it just kinda crossed my mind.

Anyways that was the most boring post I’ve ever given you guys but it was all I had for today. Hopefully I’ll update some tomorrow.


(I also thought it was time for a picture)

Love, Ellie

One week workout

Hi my beauties!

I can’t believe it’s only tuesday? the time is like not moving forward at all. Which is probably more of a good thing since I’m on summer break and I’m really not ready for more school yet.

Anyways, as I said in my last update I’ve started a new lifestyle. I thought I should go in a little bit more about it. I’m not exactly sure where this all came from since I’ve always tried before but failed. This time I didn’t really think and there were nothing really there to motivate me I was just like, yeah maybe I should workout and drink more water. Next thing I know I work out everyday, eat nothing unhealthy and just drink water. If I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never felt better about myself or about anything.

I thought that I should update you about my progress I’ve made this first week of a healthier lifestyle. It’s actually going great, but I also know that it’s only going to get harder. But I’m prepared and ready for it and I’m excited to push myself more than I’ve ever done before.

As with everything, my energy and motivation goes up and down for every day. The second day at the gym I ran for like a whole thirty minutes, while I only ran for about ten today. I’ve realized that it’s not about going harder than the day before, but to do as much as I can and want to, even though I push myself harder I won’t take one step back sometimes. Which I know I have to do now for a while because I have gotten a lot of pain in my shins. I talked to my mom and she said it probably is a type of inflammation that came when I went from never working out to working out everyday. So I think that I have to skip the running for a while and maybe just walk a little.

A good thing about it all is I’ve noticed that I stretch my limits a little bit every day. And it feels so so great.

I’m planning on a lot of updates on health, work outs and routines so you guys have a lot to look forward to!

Love, Ellie