morning – breakfast

Hi my beauties!

I’m back today with another post for you guys. Since I’ve had this pretty health topic going on here, what better way is there than to tell you guys what I like to have for breakfast to keep my diet balanced.

I’m gonna be honest with you, I’m not the best with eating. It can go as far that I forget to eat or just doesn’t think about it. But, the key to a healthy diet and a better life is breakfast. It’s almost like it doesn’t matter what you have, just that you get some energy in your body. My breakfast is incredibly varied and what I eat depends on the day and so and so. But today I had a really great breakfast that’s sooo good for you, so I just had to tips it with you.

(sorry for bad quality pictures)


So, this is what my breakfast looked like today, and hello to the nail file in the corner.


I do love me some eggs in the morning, and it is so so so soo good for you too. Egg contains a lot of protein that is very important for a healthy breakfast. So, this is my own special, very great scrambled eggs. Just kidding. I whisk some eggs together with a bit of milk and season it with pepper and salt. Yeah, nothing special at all just scrambled eggs. But so delicious.


Another thing that I had for breakfast was a kind of home made healthy ice cream, made out of frozen papaya and pineapple, a banana and some milk. You could totally add more milk and make it a smoothie if you’d rather have that, or even add some protein powder for another taste. But this is so good and healthy, and it fills you very much.


I top it off with some good vanilla tea with a bit of milk. Or more some milk with a bit of tea. I did go a little overboard with the milk this morning, hehe.

This is only a tip for what to have for breakfast. I don’t know if this is a kind of post you guys want to read or if you like it or anything, but give me some heads up for future references, alright.

Love, Ellie


Panfried meat with boiled cauliflower

Hello my beauties! 

Sunday today, and I’ve been quite lazy all day. I’ve started to make my own food when I’m hungry, instead of not eating at all. And you guys know how much I’m trying to eat healthy. So I made a really good meal today, including pork, cauliflower and some red cabbage. I decided to share this meal with you!

I started by putting some cauliflower in a pot with water and sprinkled a pinch of salt over.

While I waited for it to boil, I fried some meat in a pan and seasoned with a bit of salt and white pepper, and also a little bit of garlic powder.

Then I mixed some sliced red cabbage together with a bit of créme fraiche, but you could use sour cream or even yoghurt if that suits you better. I seasoned it with salt and a little bit of white pepper.


And then It was done! So easy and so so good. Of course you could change everything and make it the way it fits you. But everything is just so much easier now that I’ve realized that it doesn’t necessarily have to be hard or take a long time to make good and healthy food. I didn’t put any measurements because I didn’t use any. I don’t really know how much créme fraiche I used or how much salt or pepper I used. It’s all about how you like it. Season to your own taste and try to find a perfect amount that fits you.

Hope you like this little post about what I ate today and hope that I gave you a bit of inspiration. Since I’ve started making more healthy food by my own, I’m probably going to post more recipes and meals.

Love, Ellie

Healthy chocolate and banana ice-cream

Hello lovely people! 

I’m really trying to live a healthy lifestyle. About 70-80% of fitness and weight loss will be found in the kitchen. I’m the biggest sweet tooth, I love everything sweet. I know a lot of other people do too, and I think I can talk for a lot of people when I say that that is what’s holding us back. I have the best recipe for anyone that simply wants to make their lifestyle a bit healthier.

To make this bowl of goodness, you will need:

Protein powder (optional)

I use chocolate for protein powder, but you can use whatever taste you want. If you don’t have/want protein powder, without tastes just as good. I also use frozen bananas to make the ice cream firmer, but fresh would work too.
As for measurements, I’d say to just use as much as you’d like. I never measure anything when I make this. The more milk you use, the more liquidy it will get. If you want your ice-cream to be firm, I would suggest starting out with less milk and just add a bit more as you go.

Next thing you want to do is put the bananas and the milk in a mixer. I use a smoothie mixer but most things that can blend your ingredients together works. When it’s smooth, add a little bit protein powder and mix it until it’s all blended. If it’s a bit melted, you can just put it in a freezer/fridge for a bit until it’s frozen.

This recipe doesn’t have to be exact, you can make this however you want to. You can use whatever fruit you want, and whatever protein powder you want. Protein powder isn’t just for big hunks to drink at the gym when they’re lifting, but it can be used for so many things. This is one way to use it, and I’m sure you can come up with a lot more. I just really like this recipe because it’s so simple, it doesn’t take more than five minutes and it’s so good for when I’m craving sweets. This is also not unhealthy at the slightest. So, feel free to experiment with flavors and fruit, add as many different fruits as you’d like. You can make it just the way you want it.

Love, Ellie