Let me just start this post by saying that I hate my PE teacher aka the IT guy at my school.

I gave him my computer like a week before christmas break and I knew that I would never get it back before we went on break. Not only that but when I gave it to him he asked me about my charger and I’m like yeah I forgot it I’ll give it to you tomorrow. He’s like yes I’m sending the computer away tomorrow so I really need it. Problem is I wasn’t planning on going to school the next day and the day after that I’m not at school since I have no classes. Being the goddess she is my bff is like give me the charger and I will give it to him the next day. She did and everything is perfect. So break comes and I’m sad I don’t have my computer and everything. I get back like three weeks later and the computer isn’t done yet. I’m like ok, that’s totally fine I broke my computer I know I have to suffer the consequences of having to be away from it for a long time. Fast forward like three weeks later he gives me the computer and I’m in HEAVEN. I realized the day after like hey where’s my charger. I ask my teacher about it and he’s really confused??? for some reason. He starts like mumbling confused like did you really give it to me, did I send it with the computer, haven’t they sent it back, you sure you don’t have it at home. Like he’s really confused and I tell him no I gave it to you because I know for a fact that my bff gave it to him so he’s like yeah I’m gonna email them and see. I’m like ok. A couple of days later he tells me that he’s emailed them and that they’re sending it back. I’m happy about it knowing I’m gonna be able to use my computer again, because of course my computer is dead because why would they charge it while fixing it. Not kidding like two weeks go by and I haven’t gotten my charger back. I was gonna tell him today but every time I saw him he was running by with like three girls running after him so of course I don’t think it’s a good time to stop him and ask about it. Finally when he’s alone he comes up to me and says I have your charger. I’m like ok? give it to me and he’s like “i thought you would come to me” ????? like should I ask him every fucking day about it? it went by like two weeks, fourteen days, and I should know when to ask him about it??? And I’d also like to add that it wasn’t even MY charger he gave back.

Ok that’s enough for this rant, I just needed to vent for a bit because I’ve waited two months to have my computer. And I’m finally back ready to compensate for the time I’ve been away.

That’s it, all and everything for this post.

Love you forever, Ellie


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