O M G fucking finally thank god I’m back!!!

I have been posting sooooo much but my stupid computer doesn’t want to cooperate and decides to NEVER UPLOAD ANY OF MY POSTS.

But now I’m back on my computer and it kinda works, for now. But unfortunately, since this is my school computer, I will be turning it in tomorrow since the screen is cracked and it’s just not working. But the IT guy on my school said that I can borrow another computer for now.

But this is just an update to tell you guys that I have made an effort, even though my computer hasn’t. This mac just drives me nuts and it’s filled with viruses somehow and it’s already too old to be able to function but yeah, the school still expects me to work normally even though nothing really works. But why complain? at least I get a computer.

But yeah, I will see what happens and what kind of posts I will be able to upload and what the circumstances there will be. But I will try to keep you posted on what’s going on.


Love, Ellie


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