monday 19/9

Hi beauties!

I am so so sick right now, fever, soar throat, headache and bad coughs. But I needed to talk to you guys today. I was planning a more creative post today, but school was very much and I’ve been pretty busy since I got home, so I just thought I’d update a little bit before I go to bed.

School was so boring today, like for real. Did nothing the first class, nothing the second class and read on the last one. It kinda sucked. Like I know it probably was chill doing nothing, but I could be doing nothing at home. If I’m going to school I want to make the most of it, god damn it lol.

But yes, I only had science and english today, except for before lunch where we have this thing on mondays where we work on whatever we need to work on to keep up with the subject. So yes. I also really want to work out, but I’ve been so sick and busy. I’m sad about it. It doesn’t feel right not working out, and I keep stressing myself about it and how lazy I am for not working out. Ugh, I really need to work on not doing that to myself.

I have been planning this week very much, and if everything goes as planned I will be uploading new posts everyday this week, yaay.

I’m totally not feeling like going to school tomorrow having math for three hours, but what to do I guess. Even though I’m not really complaining since I really like math. And I have to do it if I ever feel like going to university when I’m done with school.

Kinda sick how time keeps flying by, isn’t it? Like 2016 has passed soo fast. It’s my birthday in two weeks and everything. I feel so little and so big at the same time. 17. Like it’s so little if you think about it, my life has literally just started, but at the same time it feels like it was yesterday I started high school and became a teen at 13 and everything. I have two more years of school before I’m free to do whatever I want, it’s kinda crazy. Gosh, can I just stop the time for a moment to catch my breath. Before I know it my life will be over. I’m glad my life just begun. I can’t think about it almost being october already. It feels like I just had a summer break. Life is crazy, huh.

Yeah, enough with this rambling already, I really need to sleep. If you’ve made it this far, have a good night and don’t let the bed bugs bite. See you tomorrow.

Love, Ellie


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