workout – progress week 5

Hi babes!

I’m back after a week without any updating. I was going to post things, but I was so busy with school and since it was the first week of real school and real classes it was a bit to like figure out and stuff. But today I’m back with another weekly progress.

(again, I have no idea why the pictures turn out like that, it’s weird)

But yes, this is me today. Progress progress progress. I know that I say this is the fifth week, but it’s really not because I’ve been working out all summer, but I will go after the first pictures I uploaded.

This weekend has been a real downer, because I didn’t workout and I ate a lot of candy, shame on me. But that happens sometimes and it’s totally okay. The routine hasn’t changed and is still the same, start with a 20 minute run/walk, 30×5 reversed situps, 30 core/torso rotations on each side, 130kg in leg presses and I do 100 of them, 50 squats with 50 or 70 kg in weight, depending on the day. Since I work my arms in machines, I’m not really sure what weight I use, but I do 30 on the bicep with quite heavy weight, and 30 on the tricep also with quite heavy. Or at least quite heavy for me.

Yeah, so there has been both ups and downs for the past weeks but that’s okay, it happens sometimes. I seem to forget that even though I have a goal I want to reach, I’m not doing this to reach that goal and then quit. This is a change of life, and I will keep going even when I’ve reached my goals. And I do this for me, it’s important to do it for you. Because if you don’t you won’t have that same motivation. It will feel totally different. And if you really want it, it should be fun, feel good, be something that you really want to do. Working out and getting fit isn’t something you have to do, no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to do it. Do it because you want to because whatever reason you do it, it’s for yourself.

Love you all, Ellie


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