Friday 5/8

Hi everybody!

I had been planning some fun and creative posts this week but I have been sooo busy and my bff was off work today for the first time in like forever so I had to spend some time with her.

This has been quite a boring-to-read-about-day. My bff, her bf and I went to the movies together last night, then my bff spent the night at my place, and then today we fixed my mirror like the first thing when we woke up, because It was quite big and I was tired of it taking so much space in my room so we gave it to my cousins. It took soo long washing it, peeling off stickers and trying to fit everything I had inside of it in other parts of my room.

When we were done we like just got dressed and went into town to meet with her bf. We bought some chips and drinks and went to the sea and just hung out there the whole afternoon. At around 6 we went to a coffee shop to have some coffee. I had a white mocha latte with cream on the top. It was soooo good.

After that we went back to my place so that my bff could get some of her stuff before she took the bus home. I have literally done nothing since then. Just been sitting around watching youtube and painting my nails.

So I had a fun day but not as fun to read about, unfortunately.

I start school the 18th, which is quite soon. It’s gonna be quite nice, not gonna lie. It’s gonna be nice to get the old routines back and you know, just something to do with my life. I’ve said before that me and school doesn’t really go well together, but I know that I have to atleast try. I want to work hard because I do love school, but mental illness doesn’t. I have been working on my mental health a lot recently so I’m quite excited to see how far I’ve come when I get back to school. But of course I’m sad that the summer break will be over. Because even though it’s hard to have no routines, it always feel great to relax myself and have a little break from everything, just like work on myself without other things pressuring me.

I’m also trying to make updating schedules and stuff, which will be great for my blog. So make sure you stay updated.

Love, Ellie


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