workout – progress

Hello beauties! 

Since this is a lifestyle blog, I thought it could be motivation for both you and me to have a progress workout type of post like once a week, maybe every monday. I’m going to try and see how it works and how much you guys like it.

I was thinking that for these kind of posts I would talk about how my body has changed during the week, how the workout has been, maybe some ups and downs that happened during the week, some slacking or if I have worked harder than the week before. Also maybe make a updated workout routine if I change it during the passing weeks. Also maybe sometimes update you guys about what I eat and if I have had a little cheat day or not and stuff like that.

So, this is my current state, I just took these photos. As you can see, most of the unnecessary fat that I have is on the upper body, mostly my breasts and my stomach, which are the two places that I work the hardest. I also try to work my arms some since they also carry a lot of unnecessary fat.

I started this new lifestyle in june sometime, but I never took photos so there’s nothing I can compare with really. But I currently weigh about 90-92 kg, which is quite a lot for me since I’m quite short. Even though I’ve gained some muscle weight since I started working out. I think I weighed about 87 or 88 kg when I started working out and eating clean. But it’s still quite a bit overweight. My goal right now is to reach 75 kg, even though I know it’s not the scale that matters really.

This last week has been quite meeh. I haven’t really worked my hardest and I could’ve worked myself closer to my limit. I’ve also had a downfall in my diet and I have eaten some junk food and candy. Even though todays workout was way harder than I expected and it was the roughest I’ve done in a while.

My current workout routine may be quite simple for some, but you gotta start somewhere right?
I start by powerwalking/running in intervals. How long or what distance depends on the day, and how much my feet and knees can take, but I usually run for about ten or fifteen minutes.
When I’m done with the running, I head over to a mat and do some reversed situps. I started out by doing 20×4 but I’ve stretched my limit to 25×4.
When I’m done I do squats/leg press. Some days I do squats, some I do leg presses, some I do both. It all depends. When I do the squats it’s usually with 40 kilos in weight, and I do about 40 or 60 depending on my daily limit. With the leg press it’s usually with 40 kilos in added weight and the “sled” weighs 57 kilos, and I do about 20×4 of those.
I still don’t know what they’re called, like at all, but I’m gonna keep calling them torso rotations because that’s what they are, okay. So I started by doing 15 on each side, with 64lb in weight, but have started doing 40 on each side with 72lb.

Sometimes I try to work my biceps too, but it all depends.

This is what I usually do and it’s what I set my mind for when going to the gym, but like I’ve said before, it all depends on how much I want to do. This is a routine i’ve made for myself, but I don’t limit myself to this. If I’m not tired when I’ve been running for fifteen minutes, I don’t stop because it’s in my routine, the same goes for all the other things. If I do 20 reversed situps and I know that I can do more, I do more. Work till you can’t anymore. Have a goal and work for it, but don’t set that goal as a limit.

Also, this is what I do that feels good for me, and things that fit me and the parts of my body that I need to work on. If these are things that you feel like will work for you too, then go for it, but everyone’s bodies are different.

Love, Ellie


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