sunday 31/7

Hello everybody!

Another day has passed and I’m sitting on my bed like I always do. Kinda tired kinda not. Today has been about just as boring as yesterday.

I woke up at ten or something, didn’t do anything. Helped mom with the lunch and ate at like 12. Don’t really know when because I’ve had a hard time keeping track of time today, but sometime around there my grandparents came for a visit. They left around 2 or so, and at 3 I went to the gym.

It wasn’t really that hard workout today. I don’t know why but it feels like I’m gonna throw up every time I do the situps. My body is just that weird. But yeah, ran for about fifteen minutes, did 100 reversed situps and then 30 torso rotations (still don’t know what they’re called) on each side with slightly more weight than yesterday. I also did 40 squats with 40 kilo in weights. I have some trouble doing the squats because of knee problems, but I try quite hard because I know that it will help. I mostly do butt every other day and I do my abs everyday. I try to not over work my butt since it’s very easy to break it down instead of building it up. I was thinking about working some biceps today too but I was really tired so I didn’t.
I’m also quite ashamed of myself because this clean diet I’ve been on the last couple of months have hit a low point. First, I was with a friend and ate candy, quite a lot. Then I’ve been eating a lot of junk food and drinking a lot of soda. My mom also made delicious brownies that I couldn’t resist. I’m well aware that it’s okay for people to have cheat days and a bit of candy won’t really hurt since I workout as much as I do, but I had such bad eating habits before I started working out and I want to stop my body from craving these things since I’ve worked so hard for this motivation that I have. And also because a clean diet will help a lot in the progress and success.

After I got home from the gym I kinda did nothing until my sister and her boyfriend and their little baby came over for a visit. I played with her as much as one can plat with a month old, and then I don’t really remember what I did the rest of the afternoon.

As I said, this was a really boring day and nothing exciting happened. But yeah, cool if you liked this little rant anyways. I’m going to, starting this new week, try to find more creative things to post about, like makeup and music and food and whatever. I want this blog to be fun to read and stuff.

Yeah, but that was it for this update, I’ll write more tomorrow.

Love, Ellie


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