saturday 30/7

hi my lovely ladies! 

I’m here again, back with another update for you guys.

I don’t actually have anything exciting to update you guys with, but I just thought it would be quite nice to just update you about my day like I always seem to do.

I woke up fairly late today. My mom woke me up at 10 when her and my dad where leaving to go to my grandparents, but fell back asleep till like 11. I just put on my workout clothes and went straight to the gym as I woke up, since they lock the doors at 12 and closes at 1. It wasn’t that hard of a workout today, Just ran for like ten minutes, and then only did abs today with 100 reversed situps and 40 torso rotations (?) on each side.

When I got home I watched some tv and ate some sandwiches. I actually didn’t do anything else but ate some dinner with my family at 2.30 then took my dog for a walk.

I just spent the rest of the day inside watching orange is the new black with my sister. She has just begun watching it and I’m so excited over it and just wants to tell her everything that is going to happen and how much everyone will evolve and stuff, but I can’t because she does not like spoilers :/

Yeah, then I spent like an hour on the phone with my bff while she’s working ‘cus she hates working alone. Then took my dog for a walk again like an hour ago at 9.30 and now I’m literally just sitting in my bed trying to update you guys. This day has been so freaking boring. I’ve done nothing at all it feels like.

I don’t know why but I’m kinda excited to start school again. I know I shouldn’t be because I will just regret it later when it actually starts, but I just miss the routines and everything. Like always hanging with your squad and everyone knows who you are with and who they hang with and just trying to catch up after classes and talking about everything that happened at the class they didn’t have and stuff. I don’t know if you guys know what I’m trying to say but I just. Like damn. Just want school even though I probably will have like 70% absence because hello mental health issues.

Anyways, I hope I have more to talk about tomorrow. Love you all very much.

Love, Ellie


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