working out

Hi beauties! 

I just thought I should update you guys a little. I was at the gym today as I always am, and it was such a hard workout session, even though it wasn’t very long. I didn’t run that much, but it is hard for my legs to run so that’s not a big surprise. But it was about 2 kilometers in fifteen minutes.

I mostly worked my legs and my abs today. Doing 20×4 reversed sit ups, and then some torso rotations I think they’re called? I can’t remember exactly how many I did but I think I used about 70lb, I just know that I did enough of them to have really sore abs right now.
I did 20×4 squats with 100lb in weight, and also leg presses with 200lb.

So the workout was done pretty quickly but it surely brought me some headache.

Right now I’m just relaxing in bed listening to some music, thinking about eating some thai food that my mom bought me. Also, I was thinking about how to do these workout updates. I was thinking about maybe having like a journal every week like writing down my progress and the whole process once a week. I don’t know what you guys like best so I’m not sure yet. But it just kinda crossed my mind.

Anyways that was the most boring post I’ve ever given you guys but it was all I had for today. Hopefully I’ll update some tomorrow.


(I also thought it was time for a picture)

Love, Ellie


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