Sunday 17/7

Hi beauties! 

I’m back today with a little update for you guys. Right now I’m sitting in my bed watching some tv and am trying to figure out what to do with my life.

I was at the gym this afternoon as always. It so annoying that the opening and closing times change in the weekend during the summer at the gym. Like the gym usually close at 5 pm on saturdays and open at 10 am on sundays, but now they close at 1 pm on saturdays and open at 2 pm on sundays. It’s annoying kay.

Anyways, it was a really hard workout today. My legs hurt so much from all the running, and not to talk about my lungs. Then I did 210lb on the leg press. Then did some torso and stuff. Really pushed myself. It’s not easy and it’s not gonna get easier but I’m ready for it all. After all this is a journey not a destination, and I’m willing to do whatever to reach my goal.

It feels good to have something to do with my life these days since there’s not a single sign of good weather, which sucks cause I really really want hot weather and being able to wear shorts and tops and not having to dress like it’s winter.

I’ve been trying to post more but I have to admit it’s quite hard to find inspiration what to post. But I’ve been trying at least and I promise there will be more.

Love, Ellie


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