Makeup routine

heya beauties! 

I’m back again with a new makeup routine for you guys! Since It’s summer and I have nowhere to be at most days, I usually don’t put on makeup, but when I do, this is the look I’m going with. So I just thought I should share it with you guys.

Also, i just want to point out that I didn’t use my camera to take most of these pictures but instead my handy dandy phone, so the pictures are not of best quality, okay.


So I started out with the base, which is the maybelline new york fit me foundation in 110, the maybelline new york fit me concealer in 115 and the maybelline new york fit me powder in 115.



Then I continued with my eyebrows, which I did with the Isadora eyebrow pencil in the color 21 dark brown.



Then I did my eyeliner with the Isadora glossy eyeliner in the color 40 chrome black.


Of course I had to finish it with mascara and a bit of contour and highlight. I used my precious Isadora big bold mascara, and I used my oh so pretty contour kit which I still don’t know if the brand is called pashion or fashion but either way I love it. I also used the Isadora twist-up gloss stick in the color 29 clear nude on my lips.


The finished look is soo pretty, I think. I just love how simple it is and everything. Like it’s not hard at all to achieve this look and you definitely don’t have to be a makeup pro to fix this. Just look at me, haha.

Well, that was it for this update. I hope you stay tuned for more fun posts and follow my blog!

Love, Ellie


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