Bad summer

Hi lovely beauties!

The title literally says it all. It’s been the worst weather ever. Raining, cold and really windy. This is not what I planned for my summer at all.

But I’ve had some time for the gym. I’m so sad because I’ve been cheating for a couple days now and I drank a glass of coke before. I’m so disappointed at myself, huh.

But I know that it takes hard work and dedication so I’m not giving up because of one step in the wrong direction. So I didn’t go to the gym today either, so it’s hard work tomorrow.

I did plan on doing something fun for todays post but I just couldn’t come up with something creative so instead of disappointing you guys I just made this little update. It’s not much but it’s all that I have for today, and I’ll write, hopefully, tomorrow.

Love forever, Ellie


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