One week workout

Hi my beauties!

I can’t believe it’s only tuesday? the time is like not moving forward at all. Which is probably more of a good thing since I’m on summer break and I’m really not ready for more school yet.

Anyways, as I said in my last update I’ve started a new lifestyle. I thought I should go in a little bit more about it. I’m not exactly sure where this all came from since I’ve always tried before but failed. This time I didn’t really think and there were nothing really there to motivate me I was just like, yeah maybe I should workout and drink more water. Next thing I know I work out everyday, eat nothing unhealthy and just drink water. If I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never felt better about myself or about anything.

I thought that I should update you about my progress I’ve made this first week of a healthier lifestyle. It’s actually going great, but I also know that it’s only going to get harder. But I’m prepared and ready for it and I’m excited to push myself more than I’ve ever done before.

As with everything, my energy and motivation goes up and down for every day. The second day at the gym I ran for like a whole thirty minutes, while I only ran for about ten today. I’ve realized that it’s not about going harder than the day before, but to do as much as I can and want to, even though I push myself harder I won’t take one step back sometimes. Which I know I have to do now for a while because I have gotten a lot of pain in my shins. I talked to my mom and she said it probably is a type of inflammation that came when I went from never working out to working out everyday. So I think that I have to skip the running for a while and maybe just walk a little.

A good thing about it all is I’ve noticed that I stretch my limits a little bit every day. And it feels so so great.

I’m planning on a lot of updates on health, work outs and routines so you guys have a lot to look forward to!

Love, Ellie



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