Hi everybody!

I finally got on summer break, which is super duper amazing. I’ve been so tired of school this last couple of months, but I had quite good, or average, grades, even though I hope they’ll get better next semester.

I just thought that it would be fun to tell you all about my new lifestyle plans for this summer. Instead of relaxing so much I plan on spending as much time I can at the gym, and also start thinking about what I eat. I’m gonna be totally honest and say that I don’t have the body that I want and I don’t look the way that I really want to, which kinda saddens me. So I felt tired of living this way without any love of myself or my body so I’m gonna change my lifestyle a bit, and I also thought that it would be perfect since I’ve got this blog, cause now I can give you guys more posts on lifestyles which originally was my plan from the beginning.

I’ve already been to the gym yesterday and today, and I’m going tomorrow morning too, which feels great. I don’t even feel like I wanna cheat and skip it at all. I really feel like going, and it have never felt so good having a sore body before.

That was all for this little update on me and my life, and I hope you will continue to read more about my journey, and see you guys hopefully tomorrow.

Love, Ellie


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