Awesome weekend

Hiiiii beauties! 

I said that I was going to update you guys this weekend, but I was busy all the time, and yesterday I totally forgot to post anything, so I just thought I should update you guys a little today.

So friday was great. My friend came with me home and we just like put makeup on and got ready. We bought candy and chips and soda and everything. Then we met up with her boyfriend and went to my place again. His friend joined us a while later. We spent the rest of the night laying in my sofa watching scary movies. My friend and her boyfriend went to sleep and me and the other guy stayed up till like 3 am and just talked.

On saturday, we got ready and then went to gothenburg really early in the morning, because we were going to Liseberg, which is a really fun theme park. We were all crazy, and  we all went on soo many rides. We had an awesome time, i just can’t explain how amazing the day was. Even though I had soo much anxiety about meeting new people and everything, I totally let loose and was just myself for the whole time. It felt really really good.

We got home at around 12 at night and went to my place. My friends boyfriends friend went home after a while, but the boyfriend slept over another night.

I was soo totally tired that night that the second my head hit the pillow I fell asleep. My friend woke me up at around 10.30, and then she stayed at my place for about an hour before she went to her bus. Later on the sunday my parents came home and everything was so nice.

I know that this probably doesn’t sound really exciting but I didn’t really feel like going in too much detail about it all, but I just had such an amazing time with amazing people.

I promise you that I will keep posting in the near future.

Love you all, Ellie


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