I’ve missed you all so so so much. Finally I’m back. It was almost like I forgot this blog existed, crazy right?

But here I am, back with more things to write about, how great is that?

I’m so pumped up about life right now. Like this week has been so good, and it’s not long before summer break, which is so freaking awesome. It’s also been such good weather the past few days and weeks. I just want summer soso bad right now. Today has been halfbad weather, with about 15 degrees celsius all day, or around 58 fahrenheit.

This weekend will be perfect, or atleast I hope so. I will have the apartment all to myself, because on friday my sister goes to visit my other sister in norway and my parents goes to Stockholm for a mini vacation and I’m alone until sunday.

I have made plans all weekend and I’m so excited. I thought that because I haven’t posted anything lately, instead of taking time and making half ass posts, I will write about my days for the rest of the week, doesn’t that sound good? And then I will try to start over with better blogposts and more creativity.

Hope you all have had a great wednesday and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Love, Ellie


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