Friday 22/4

Hiiiiii babes!

I’m so so so so sorry for the bad updating lately, I don’t know what flew in me. I just like, didn’t even feel like uploading anything. I really really want to, I just need to not be as lazy with like uploading pictures from my camera and editing them and stuff. I know that this blog is what I wan’t to do and I know that I won’t ever get nowhere if I let my motivation be ruined by being too lazy to transfer the pictures from my camera to my computer.

Anyways, today has been a good day. This week has been good actually. This monday was quite good. I went to school as usual, nothing much happened. I went home and then my bff came to my place after her classes were over. Then she slept over, and the next day I only had one class, which wasn’t even necessary since we had oral presentations and there was no time for mine. I went to the city with some friends and did nothing for like three hours and then took the bus home. The wednesday was good too. I had my presentation, which also was my last class. I waited a bit with a friend for her bus, and then went home. Thursday, I was home from school because I had such a headache, but went to school today of course. Which was sooo good. Even though I still have a bit of headache left, but I’ll survive. I started with english class, hand had a presentation with my bff, and then did nothing. Then we had social studies, and then lunch. After that I had math as my last class. I followed my bff to the library to return her book, and then followed her to the station to wait for her bus. After that I’ve pretty much done nothing. I’ve eaten candy, drunk coke and watched some shit comedy movies.

It’s like already 9 pm but it’s as light as it would be at 4 outside. This day has just flew past so freaking fast, where did the week go? When I left my bff at her bus she said “see you on monday” and I was just like, what? aren’t we gonna see each other tomorrow? And I was so confused until I realized it’s friday. It’s crazy how fast the time passes. And it’s just 50-something- days before the summer break and I’m so pumped up for that. I just want summer. Preferably yesterday, but I mean like on or two months are okay too.

Unfortunately, that was all for today guys. I won’t promise you that my uploading is gonna get better anymore. I would really like to, but I can’t guarantee I’m gonna keep it. But I can promise you that I will try. That’s the least I can do.

So if you’re still here even though I never upload, thank you so much and I love you all.

Love, Ellie


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