Cruelty free makeup brands

Hello beauties! 

I’m currently in the process of cleaning out all of the makeup that I have that I know is tested on animals or companies owned by animal testing brands. I am in no way trying to push my personal thoughts and feelings on you, and I’m in no way a vegan or vegetarian, what so ever, but I do not want to be apart of the animal testing that is going on. If you have and use makeup that is tested on animals I won’t judge you or look down on you, we are all human of the same value. But I thought that it would be fun to share some of the makeup brands I’m planning on start using. Most of these, I haven’t actually tested or maybe won’t even buy, but it would be fun to share some knowledge with you and give you tips if you want cruelty free makeup or if you just want to test new makeup brands.

DISCLAIMER! There may or may not be makeup brands in this list that actually do test on animals or are owned by companies that do. If that’s the case, please inform me about it because the information I share with you are things that I’ve heard and read up on myself.

Too faced 
This is a great brand for people who are more into natural colors and makeup. I personally don’t have any of their makeup since I don’t live near a store that sells them, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about this makeup brand. Since I’ve not tested it myself, I can’t actually tell if this is true or not, but it’s an alternative for people. I also think that some of their packaging and palettes are really cute.


I can’t tell you for certain that isadora isn’t owned by a bigger company that tests on animals, but on what I’ve read and heard, which is a lot, I can’t find anywhere where it says that they test on animals but they are very often used in lists like this. I hope that it’s true and that they don’t test on animal because most of my favorite makeup products are from isadora. I personally love isadora products, and use their mascara and eyebrow pencils everyday. I think it’s a really good and affordable brand.

Skärmavbild 2016-03-27 kl. 00.06.49

I don’t have many makeup products from elf, even though it’s available almost everywhere where I live. Mostly because I find it hard to tell difference of their colors and how they match my skin, and also because where I live, makeup isn’t the cheapest. But I have tested elf and most of their products are really really great. Their makeup is often very natural and organic. I recommend.


H&M’s own makeup 
I don’t know how it is where you live, but the h&m store in my town sell almost no makeup, but I know that they have a lot of pretty makeup on their website. H&M have written a whole lot themselves about this matter and how they do not use animal testing, either on the ingredients or the finished products. If you want to talk to someone more capable of giving you the right information, I’m pretty sure it’s quite easy to get in contact with them and their staff. I haven’t tried their makeup myself yet, except for a blusher that I liked really much. Most people I know that have tested their makeup seems to like it, so I would probably give it a shot.


Wet Wild 
I really like this makeup brand, especially their coverall primer. It leaves my skin both primed and really smooth. They, too, have a text explaining their position and I think that it would be easy to get in touch with them too. Really recommend this brand!


Love, Ellie


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