Design and other stuff

Hello guys!

Just a little random update for you all but as you probably can see if you follow me, I’ve changed my design. And I love it. I have no idea why the header picture is in such bad quality but I hope you can live through it for a while until I figure out a way to fix it.

I’m a little sad that I couldn’t find a way to keep my blogposts as read more instead of the whole posts, but I guess that it works fine. I’m not sure what you guys prefer better, but I guess we’ll see.

I’m also sitting right now writing down ideas I have for blogposts and updates to give you all. It feels so good to finally have time to spend on here. I love to just sit and write like this. And I love to plan my posts and take pictures! I’m trying my best to fix some makeup styles or tutorials for you but it feels like there’s always something that goes wrong. Sometimes the lightning sucks, sometimes my camera doesn’t want to work with me and sometimes my face doesn’t want to work with me. But it’s going forward and I’m in the process of finding better lights. I’d totally love a round light, if you know what I mean. They are sooo good. I just can’t seem to find them anywhere.

That was all for this time, talk to you later!

Love, Ellie


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