Thursday 24/3

Hello beauties!

I’ve been gone for another two weeks, I know, that’s bad of me. It’s almost like I sometimes forget that this blog exists, which of course is sad. But I’ve been having a lot of things to deal with and my life has been kinda stressful lately. I’m really trying on fixing it all so that I can spend some more time on this blog because that’s what I really want, obviously since I created it. I don’t know when I’ll start uploading with my schedule again, but I promise that I’m trying to make it soon.

Today has been a lazy day actually, like the rest of this week. I’ve been home all week because I’ve had a serious case of the flu, like many other people in my town too. I’ve been feeling a little better today, and I’m pretty sure that my fever has passed.

Now is easter break, which feels good since I’ve been so stressed out lately. It’s nice to have some time to relax and breath for a minute. I’m actually looking forward to this break a lot. On saturday me and my family and some of my cousins and uncles are going to my grandparents and eat easter dinner, yuum. Later that night my parents are going away to meet some family friends and I’ll be home alone with my sister without any big plans. Probably going to spend the whole night eating candy and watching horror movies. Then I’m going to relax a little, try to get some schoolwork done and study for some tests I have coming up, maybe meet up with some friends. Then later next week I’m going to spend a few days with my other sister and her boyfriend that lives in Norway. My sister is super exited and when she was home last weekend she didn’t stop talking about how much fun we were going to have and how many things she had planned for us to do together. It’s going to be super fun and feel so good to take a few days and get my mind on better things.

That was it for this update, feel free to send me a message if you have any tips or suggestions for blogposts or what I should write about.

Love you all, Ellie


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