Wednesday 24/2

Hi beauties! 

Today is one of my uploading days, but since I’ve been out and about all day I figured I’d just talk a little about my day. Isn’t that fun?

Well, the day started very well. My mom woke me up at 6.40 when she was leaving for work, but I of course fell asleep again. Though only to 7.30 because I had an appointment at the dentist at 10.40 and I wanted plenty of time to get ready.

I ate my breakfast as usual and watch an episode of storage wars because I could. The breakfast took a bit longer time than I’d planned so I took a quick shower at 8.40 and brushed my teeth twice. Then I of course took my time with my makeup and hair like always.

I left the house at 10.10 and was at the dentist office at 10.25-30. I was done at around 11 and it went well. I had very healthy and nice teeth, and complimented me for taking good care of them. Although she recommended that I should start flossing.

After the dentist I swung by the library to return a book, and then headed home. At 12.30 my mom came by from work to eat lunch with me and my sister, then she went back to work. I relaxed a little and watched a little tv before I went to the store with my sister.

Of course I had to treat myself for having such a great day with the dentist and all and bought a chocolate bar and a can of pepsi. Dark chocolate of course, I’m trying to be healthy 😉 I spent the rest of my afternoon relaxing and watching ridiculousness on MTV. Best show.

And now it’s almost 10 and ridiculousness is still on tv. But I’m very happy with this day. It just feels so good to have really good days for a change. I also love the days where I have things to do and places to be, it just makes me feel alive.

I hope I didn’t bore you too much with this, but I’ve had no time to do anything creative for my blog today. I hope you liked it.

Love, Ellie


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