Study tips

Hello beauties! 

Wednesday already, what a quick week. Since it’s been quite hard for me with school for a while, and I know that many people have the same problems, I thought I would share some of my best tips for studying

Get snacks
I don’t know about you, but I love having snacks when studying so that I can keep concentration and all that. This can be candy, like chocolate bars, or fruit or actually anything that you like. I really like the rush my brain gets from the energy of snacks when studying. Make sure to hydrate yourself and drink lots of water

Put away your phone 
I know that this might seem horrible and everything, but it’s seriously super effective when doing homework if you really want to concentrate. To keep focus, turn of the vibrations, sound and put the phone in another room to keep it from distracting you

Put on music
To keep your head clear, positive and happy, but on your favorite playlist. I love listening to music when studying, especially happy and upbeat music since it makes me positive. If you don’t have any good playlists, spotify has many for you

Write down the assignments and homework you have to do to organize your head a bit and to stop the head from getting caught in a net of thoughts. Use this time to categorize them and decide which one is the most important so that you know which assignment to do first

Take breaks

Don’t sit a whole night without taking your eyes off of your homework. Take a break when you feel like your head can’t keep focus anymore. This is probably the most important part, because you will destroy your brain if you don’t listen to it’s needs. So don’t do all of your homework and all assignments in one day, spread them out a bit and let your brain rest

Love, Ellie


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