Friday 12/2

Hi beauties! 

Today is friday, and also one of my uploading days. Unfortunately I’m so tired and everything so instead of doing a fancy pantsy blogpost I’ll just tell you a little about how my day and week have been.

This week hasn’t been one of my best, sadly. Don’t really remember what happened on monday, I think I just went to school and not much more of that.

Tuesday was probably the worst day. I have some problems with my mental health, so school isn’t working for me at all, but I’m trying to go as much as possible. I had music all day on tuesday, and I figured that it was important for me to be at those classes, so I went through all day in school, which I’m actually very proud of. So even though tuesday made me exhausted, it was still a success.

Then came wednesday and I fucked up. I’d promised both myself and my mom to try and go everyday this week and just fight through it, but I couldn’t. I had no energy or anything so I stayed home. I had an appointment with my therapist but she wasn’t at work so we rescheduled, and I did almost nothing all day.

Yesterday, thursday, wasn’t that good either. My mom woke me up when she went to work, and since I didn’t go to school I fell asleep again and oh my was it necessary. I slept until 11.30, got a little anxious because I had been sleeping away all morning. Got more anxious because I had to be with my therapist at 3 and I had to shower and everything. It worked well, I got home by 4.30 or five sometime. Made myself some dinner and then did nothing all night.

And then came today. This has probably been the best day all week. I overslept this morning. I start at 8.20 and leave my house at 8. I give myself a lot of time for breakfast and take about half an hour to do my makeup so I usually go up sometime between five and six, but my mom woke me up by 6.40 so I was in quite a rush. I don’t know why but I wasn’t tired at all this morning, just jumped straight up and was in a very good mood. School was fine, we had theory in PE today, so I went home to study instead of staying at school. Had an awesome afternoon. My dad was going out on an after work, and my sister were going out with her friends, so me and my mom were all by ourselves. We ate some mc donalds, bought some candy and vegetables and watched some awesome tv shows. I almost fell asleep on the couch, which is unlike me. I take sleeping pills, due to my mental health issues, and it’s been almost a year since I fell asleep on my own, or even got tired on my own, and it felt so amazing to fall asleep, even for five minutes, without having to take medication.

Right now it’s almost 11 and I’m oh so incredibly tired. It’s been a lazy friday night and an awesome day and it feels good getting at least one good day a week. Now I’m gonna sleep so that I have an amazing saturday as well.

Love you all, Ellie


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