6 things to do on a lazy day

Hello beauties! 

I’ve been sick since friday, and I have had no energy at all today, so I thought this would be the perfect post. We all have those days, lazy, sick and bad days with no energy where we just want to stay at home and don’t go anywhere. So today, I will share with you, six simple things to do when you don’t even want to leave your house

Drink tea
Any tea would do, as long as it’s not specially made for sleeping. I really like drinking flavored tea like vanilla or caramel, but green tea works for me as well. It works a little bit like caffein and you will feel a little more awake

Be creative
This can be just whatever you feel like doing. When I’m having bad or lazy days I really like drawing or painting, it’s so much fun and it makes me focus on better things. I also love playing guitar or piano when I feel a little down. Just be creative and find something you love to do, and you will notice how it affects you positively

And by eat, I don’t mean that you should drown your life in food, but without food I can sometimes feel tired, sad, mad or downright angry. If I feel that I’m having a little moodswing, getting a headache or feel really tired and unenergized, I get a little something to snack on, preferably fruit since it contains good and healthy sugar which will help your blood sugar. I usually eat grapes, they’re not very filling, but they’re very sweet and healthy. I prefer healthy over unhealthy on bad days since unhealthy sugar and fats has negative affects

Watch movies/tv shows 
This is a big fat yes for anyone who’s having a stay-at-home day. There’s nothing better than laying in your bed with some snacks and watching a great movie or tv show. When I’m having bad days or if I’m feeling a bit low I really like watching sad movies just to get the tear stream flowing. Everything just feels a lot lighter when I’ve let it out, even if I myself didn’t really have anything to cry about. If I’m just sick or having a lazy day I prefer watching exciting tv shows or just a show I’m really into

Listen to music 
I love listening to music, and there’s music for every kind of mood. If I’m having a bad day, I enjoy listening to sad songs, when I’m lazy or sick I enjoy listening to some beautiful acoustics and if I’m happy I enjoy upbeat music. So if you’re sad, tired or feel like relaxing, listen to music and find what songs that fits you best

You heard me. Sleep! If you’re having a really bad day, there’s nothing better than sleeping it all away. Don’t sleep for too long since it can make you even more tired. But take a nap. Or sleep until the late afternoon and be a little tired, you’re having a bad day, you’re allowed to sleep how long you want to. But don’t sleep away your problems. they will still be there when you wake up again

Love, Ellie


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