5 products of January

Hey beauties! 

Since january just ended, I wanted to show you guys some things that I really liked during the month. I was planning on doing a big favorites, but I’ve seriously not loved that many things lately. So, this is just 5 products that I have used a lot the past month.

Contour kit 

I seriously love this contour kit. I’ve talked about it in like all of my posts, but the colors really suits me and my skin tone. I really, really like it.


Baby lips electro

Am I the only person that has periods for everything? Like I can be in a period of loving bright pink lipglosses, and then suddenly just go into a new period of only using lip balm. I have that for everything. And right now I’ve been loving this color. It’s called strike a rose and is a coral pink. I know that it looks bright pink in the picture, but it isn’t actually. It’s very pretty.


Garnier moisturizer 

I have kind of a combination skin, so some parts are dry while others are very oily. While I still hate walking around with oily skin, I can’t stand it when my skin is dry and I want to put makeup on. As I said, I’m only dry on some parts of my face, so I only use this where I’m dry and not on my whole face. I really like this moisturizer because this is almost the first one that keeps my skin moisturized, and doesn’t make my skin oily. It keeps the balance, perfectly.


Fit me maybelline concealer 

This concealer works so well for me. It lasts all day, and works both for my under eyes and also to cover up things I want to cover. As I’ve said before, it’s one tone darker than my skin tone, so I’m a little sad about that since I know it would have worked wonders as a highlighting concealer.


Hype by Mood heat protection 

Okay, I’m gonna be real with you and admit that I really don’t know if this actually protects the hair at all. It was so cheap and I really can’t see if it makes a difference at all. The only reason I like it is because it makes my hair supderduper soft and shiny. I’m that person that gets oily hair sooo fast, and therefore I’ve never liked having any products at all in my hair since it makes it oily so much faster. But this one doesn’t do that. I like it so I’m gonna live in denial and pretend that my hair is super protected.


There you have it, five products that I somewhat liked in january. I hope you had a great day today and have a great day tomorrow.

Love, Ellie


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