Designs and blogs

Hello beauties!

I changed some things in my design, like fixing a photo of myself and changed my about me menu. I’m so happy because I’ve finally managed to get my blog like I want it, or at least a little bit. I’ve also learned a lot more about wordpress themes and designs and I’m so so happy about that. It’s not nearly as difficult as it was before anymore.

I’ve also been looking through other beauty and lifestyle blogs and I’ve gotten soo much inspiration for my own blog and blogposts. I’m actually sitting right now and planning posts and photos and everything. I get all excited sitting with my planner and calendar to plan things and scheduling my life. Everything just feels so much better when I know that I don’t have to do everything at the exact same time, as long as I make sure everything actually gets done.

I have nothing else to update you guys on, but make sure you all follow my blog so you can read all the fun things I have planned!

Love, Ellie


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