Room Tour

Hello guys! 

Finally, the room tour you all have been waiting for, is here. This will just be a little showing of my room in whole, and I have a bit of refreshing that I’m planning on doing, such as buying new furniture and buying new fairy lights and everything, but this is how my room looks right now. Also, WARNING! A LOT OF PICTURES!


So, starting of right beside my door. This is where I hang some of my clothes. I got this clothe hanger thing because I had too many clothes in my closet, but I don’t really have any special clothes I hang. It’s just my hoodies, cardigans and some nice tops that I just randomly put up there. I really like this.


Underneath my clothes, I have some of my shoes, but only some. The white converse are my favorite shoes, ever. But unfortunately, the rain in Sweden is our belief. Just kidding but it practically rains everyday until like july where there is sun, and then it rains again for the rest of the year. Therefor, I can’t wear them right now which is really sad. Or I mean, I probably could, but my feet would literally be soaked in water and that is not nice.


Over my clothes I have a little thing where I have some perfumes, hair mists and photos.


Beside my clothes I have a wardrobe. The wardrobe door is always open, I never close it. I haven’t cleaned my wardrobe in forever so it’s a little bit messy in there.


On my wardrobe door I have some things. My three guitar hero guitars and a handbag that I usually use when I’m going to the gym (just something to have my water bottle and shoes in)


Behind my closet door I have a thing, heh, where I just keep some weird makeup and hair things. I rarely use any of these, except for the white bottle on the upper row, which is an antifrizz for my hair to keep it from frizzing after the shower, and also the bottle to the right on the second row. Which is argan oil that I use in my hair after I shower.


Right beside that is my bed, where I spend most of my time.


A better picture of my bed. I have two blankets (under my teddy bear) but I never use them. I usually throw them on the floor at night and put them back on my bed in the morning.


I always keep my stuffed animals in my bed. If anyone ever tells you that you’re too old for stuffed animals, tell them to disappear out of your sight because stuffed animals are life. The monkey on the left is BoBo and I won him at a carnival. The teddy bear is Roger. He’s my best friend and soulmate. I’ve had him since I was a little kid and I love him so much. When we moved into this apartment six years ago, I put him in our storage unit in the basement and forgot about him until recently. I brought him up and kept him in my room. He smells a bit like basement and old people, but I don’t love him less for that.


The wall right over is just really simple. I’ve showed you my frame before. I haven’t done anything new, but I’m planning to, that’s why it’s so plain and everything.


Here is where I sleep at night, cute rose fairy lights, that I love.


Right over my bed is another wall, of course. I love this. I love this wall so much. This corner is actually the favorite in my room. I painted a pink square. I don’t know what it’s called, but It’s paint that you can write on. I have many different colors of pens and crayons to write with but I’ve just kept it like this ever since I painted the wall. I literally love this so much, because it’s so fun. I could just wipe it all away and write something new. This is just so cool.


Beside my bed is my window, and as you can see it’s pitch black outside right now.


My room tend to be really chilly so I always light some candles. I really love scented candles. I love it sooo much. Especially the candle to the left, which I know is a little burned. It’s in the scent white snowberries. It’s loooovely!


Beside my candles I keep the things I never care about, except for the flowers of course. I don’t really care about those either, but my mom do it for me so I don’t have to. Fun story actually, the flower on the left (I know it looks dead but it actually isn’t) comes from my grandma. She passed away, sadly, in 2007 and I kept the flower. I don’t know why, and I was only seven at the time so I didn’t really know anything, I only wanted it because it has the prettiest pink color, and pink is my favorite color. Anyways, I have moved houses, I have changed rooms and I have not cared about it at all, but it still keeps blooming and keeps growing. It hasn’t died or anything, and it just stands there, either with too much or too little water but it just keeps growing. I like to think that my grandma is in my room with me, watching me and caring for me and that’s why it hasn’t died.


Moving on. Here I have my other favorite corner of my room. I use the speaker soo much, almost everyday actually.


Beside my speaker, I have my record player. It probably looks like I never use it and only have it to look cool, but I actually use it sooo often. I have so many records and I keep buying new ones. I have my piggy bank where I keep some money so that I can feel rich when I open it. My little mirror is mostly used to make sure that my contour is even. The picture in the back says all of me loves all of you, and I am going to put it on my wall, but I always forget.


Over that I just have some temporary things. The frame with the quote in the top left isn’t going to hang there forever, I just put it up there until I fix the wall beside my bed. I’m also going to buy some new fairy lights, since I’m not really into the different colors. I thought I was going to like it when I bought it, but I didn’t and I never have it lit. The other things are just some things I didn’t want to be folded and kept in my drawers so I just put them on my wall for now.


Here I have my consoles, playstation 3 and wii. I barely use any of them. I only use my playstation 3 to watch netflix or play guitar hero, and the wii is mostly used for guitar hero. The other little black thing is the box so that I can watch TV in my room. We also have one of those in our living room so that we can watch TV there too.


Here is my tv, which isn’t even on (when it’s on, it has a bright blue light on the gray dot at the bottom) Yeah, I only use it to watch netlflix or tv, which is like once in a lifetime (joking)


In front of the tv is where I keep my important stuff. My foundations, my baby lips that I’m oh so in love with, my EOS lip balm, some q tips for when I put makeup on and my blusher, the lid broke and that’s why it looks weird. The perfume on the right is my favorite of all time. I love it till the end of forever, I’m not joking. It’s the one direction perfume our moment. I could keep it forever, I’m telling you.


Beside that is my mirror. As you can see, this is where I hang my hair fixers. My, soo many straighteners, a white curling iron that you can barely see and my hairdryer is also in there somewhere.


This is on the other side of my mirror, and here I hang my jackets, handbag that I use everyday and keep my life in, and also my neck scarf? is that what it’s called? I guess so.


On the wall beside my mirror, I have two hats. I never use them, ever. I also have some other weird things here, but thats not something we need to go into detail about.


And then we’re back at my door. You guys have officially seen my whole room. Every single little detail about it too. My room is my masterpiece, and I shall love it to death. As you probably can tell, I’m in love with fairy lights. Also scented candles and one directions perfume. This has been a long long blogpost, and I’m glad you read to the end. It took many hours of editing, cleaning, uploading and writing. Hope you liked my room and felt inspired to decorate your own room. I also added some pictures with the lights turned off so you can see the fairy lights come to work. Thanks for reading!


Love, Ellie


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