Just another update

Hello beautiful people!

I wasn’t at school today, I was exhausted and didn’t feel well. I tried to get some schoolwork done, but nothing much was done.

I was at the gym earlier with my sister and her friend, which felt sooo good because I’m not there nearly as often anymore. I felt like having a pampering night tonight. The only problem was that I was allergic to the face mask I was using, so now I’m so red all over my face, I look like a really dark red tomato right now. I’m allergic to a lot of face masks actually, but I never understand what it is I’m allergic to, because it’s no special brand or anything. I’ve had a lot of face masks by the brand I used today, but nothing were wrong with them. It’s just a random order of face masks I’m allergic to. The worst with that is that I don’t know which face masks I should get or not because I never know which ones I’ll be allergic to. My whole face is burning right now.

Anyway, I think I’m just gonna paint my nails and then go brush my teeth before I sleep. I’m sooo tired today. I’ve been tired all day and I don’t really know why, I didn’t even sleep that bad last night. I bough cheese doodles and a chocolate bar to have tonight since it’s friday and everything. I planned on eating it and watching a scary movie or something, but I think I’m just too tired. Actually, I’m not even sure if I should paint my nails today or if I should wait until tomorrow, because right now I just feel like sleeping.

To come with some good news, I’m hopefully going to take pictures and work on my room post tomorrow. I really need to clean my room, so while I do that I think I’m just going to take some pictures too.

That was all for this short update today. I’m so sorry for how the updating has been these last days, but I’ve just not been feeling well. I’m trying to feel better so hopefully I’ll get my motivation back soon.

Love you so much, Ellie


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