Little rant

Hey guys!

I’d planned to upload my room post today and I had written so many different reminders for myself so that I remembered. But unfortunately, I’ve had a really bad day today. I’ve just been in bed ever since I came home from school. This has certainly not been my week. I really want to update you guys more with a lot of fun posts but I just haven’t been feeling well lately. I’m trying to get my life together, and I’m using this blog as a tool for that, but sometimes everything just gets a little bit too much for me. I’m actually surprised of my self that I’ve managed to be motivated enough to do as much blogging as I have, which is in fact not much. I’m really trying, I am.

I’m always so excited on blogging and doing fun things and taking nice photos but everything just gets ruined by my lack of motivation caused by my bad days. I know that it’s okay to have bad days and whatnot, but sometimes it pisses me off that I can’t do what I really want to do. It’s usually the anxiety that gets to me the most and is what’s stopping me from doing most things, and that makes me so mad and sad. I’m trying to do something about it, but it’s just so hard when I don’t have any control over my own life. It’s just like there’s someone else in my brain that controls every move I make and I can do nothing about it.

I hope you don’t mind this little rant. I just needed to explain to you guys that sometimes there will be slight a lack of posts and updating, but I promise you that I am trying my best to make it fun for you as well as comfortable for myself.

Love, Ellie


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