New Years Makeup

Hello there everybody! 

Finally, my post about my new years makeup is done! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any pictures of how the makeup turned out. I really tried, and I know I waited to post this until I’d redone the makeup from new years, but nothing worked and I got too tired of it after almost an hour trying to get the pictures to work. But I posted pictures of all the products I used, and wrote down everything I did, if anyone wanted to know. I’m sorreeh.


Okay, the first thing I used was my foundation, which is the face finity all day flawless 3 in 1 foundation from max factor in the color light ivory 40. I love this foundation. It covers almost anything, and compared to the L’Oreal true match that I had before this one it’s almost perfect. The reason I changed from true match, because I’ve used true match since almost forever, was because of how pale I am, and the lightest in true match was too dark for me. I don’t know if true match have any lighter shades than the one I used, but I couldn’t find a lighter anywhere. I really recommend this, even though I know that it won’t work for everybody. I have quite a combination skin, and some parts of my face are soo oily, while other parts are really dry, so I only use moisturizer on my forehead and nose. This foundation works for the oily parts of my skin, as well as the dry parts. I really like it.


The next thing I did was my concealer, which is the fit me from maybelline. The color number is 15. I really like this concealer, and I mostly use it under my eyes to brighten my face up a little. I think that it’s a little darker than my foundation, but I couldn’t find a lighter shade when I bought it. So at first I was a little skeptical, thinking that it would look too dark compared to the rest of my skin. But it’s actually really light. It’s not too light but is quite perfect together with my foundation and powder. This sits forever on me, and I never use a primer so I’m really happy when makeup lasts a long time on my face. A plus for that one.



The next thing I did was powdering my face. For that I used the Fit me pressed powder from maybelline. Mine is in the color 115 Ivory. It’s so pale, and it was the palest I could find. I’ve had problem with finding a perfect shade for my skin tone for a really long time, and all of the foundations and powders I use turn out to be too dark for me. When I went and bought the new makeup I really tried to find everything in the lightest shade possible. This powder is amazing, and I really like it. I’ve always used the true match, as I did with the foundation, and it doesn’t work nearly as well as this one. This powder is quite matte and works so well together with my foundation, even though it’s not the same brand. I really, really like this powder.


When I was done with the powder, I did my eyebrows. I used my eyebrow pencil from IsaDora in the color 21 dark brown. As you know, I recently bought this, and I also said that I haven’t really used pencils before. This pencil is really good. I’ve had a trouble with pencils in my past, and they always turn out to be too liquidy or too hard. This one was near to perfect. It may be a little dark for my blonde hair, but I like having my brows a bit dark. Yeah, I really like that one, and I’m kinda getting used to the whole pencil thing.


Next thing, the thing you’ve all been waiting for, my contour! As I’ve said before, it’s a contour kit from pashion/fashion (I still can’t figure out what it says on the package)  O M G, I am in love with this. It’s not specifically this kit that I’m in love with, but the whole thing with contouring. I haven’t done too much, like you can barely see it, but it really makes a difference from my face before I use it. I know that this whole contour thing isn’t news for many people, but I’ve just lived for my blush and that’s it. I’m just so in love with contouring because it just makes makeup so much more fun. I know that it’s not a new thing or anything, I just haven’t used it before. I used the brown in the middle at the bottom to make the dark contour under my cheekbones, and I also took it up to my temples and a little on my jaw line. I then took the light one in the upper left under my eyes and also between my jaw and cheek to make the dark a little bit more intense. I took a tiny bit of the highlighter in the upper right just above my cheekbones, just to highlight my face a bit, and I also took some blusher between the brown and the highlight to kinda blend the two together a little better. I love it!


For my eye makeup, I used the highlighter from my contour kit as eyeshadow, just to brighten my eyes a little bit, and the color was also really pretty. I then used my IsaDora liquid eyeliner. As you can see, I don’t draw my eyeliner all the way of my lash line, because I don’t like the way it looks on me. I end it somewhere around the middle of my eyelid. The mascara is probably the thing that finishes the whole look, and I use my oh so loved big bold mascara from IsaDora. As I’ve said before, that thing is my shit. I could use it forever. I’ve never had a mascara that I’ve loved that much. There’s nothing for me to not like about it. It’s simply perfect.

There you have it. This is probably my longest post ever, but I hope it was worth it. I’m so glad that I’ve finally found products that I adore, and that I will stick with. I’m happy that they work for me, because that’s what I’ve been looking for you know. So yeah, until I find products that fits me better than these ones, I’m sticking with them. Hope I inspired you to do something, buy better makeup or do things that you haven’t tried before or just simply interested you in makeup. What I want to say with this is that you should most definitely try new things with your makeup, do a badass contour, wear a bright purple eyeshadow if that’s what you’re into, use a lot of mascara, draw your eyebrows the way you want and never ever think twice about what other people think. Most importantly, have fun. That’s what it’s all about.

Love, Ellie


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