where the magic happens

Hello everybody! 

Here is where the magic happens, and of course I mean the magic in my blogposts. My bed has space for two people, and of course I share the space with Roger (the big teddybear) and he’s the best cuddler. I seriously love my room, and I’m adding a room post to my list on blogposts.

I just wanted to update you guys and tell you that the makeup post is coming up as soon as I’ve edited the pictures and everything. I’m having trouble figuring out whether I should have all the pictures in a collage so they become one, or if I should add all the pictures. There are some pictures, and I don’t really know how I want it yet.

I’m also trying to find a good editing site. Right now I’m using pic monkey, but they don’t have enough of the tools I’d want, if you understand. Like I want to have different types of tools and brightnesses and all of that, and pic monkey doesn’t have that. They also take forever to make my pictures a good quality, which I understand takes a lot of time, but their quality isn’t even that great, as you can see in the picture above.

Thanks to my blog, I get a lot of more use out of my camera. As I’ve written before, I’ve had it for some years now, and honestly, most of the time it has just stood high up on a shelf in my room collecting dust. I’ve also said that it’s not the best, but it’s of course better than nothing, and it’s actually better than many things. I just haven’t learned enough about it so I have no idea how to correctly install it so I just use it on automatic.

Yeah, I just wanted to update you guys a little, and hopefully the makeup post will be up tomorrow.

Love, Ellie


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