pictures and stuff

Hello guys! 

I just wanted to say that now I’m somewhat happy about my header picture, and it’s my own this time. My camera isn’t the best but it works for now at least. I mean it’s not a bad camera, not at all, but it’s one of those cameras for beginners. Mine is the nikon d3100. Most people thinks that canon is better, but I don’t really know. I’ve never had a canon so I can’t say anything. The reason I bought this one wasn’t because of me, I actually know nothing about cameras, but my uncle is the best photographer. No not really, but he’s seriously ridiculously good and he knows sooo much about cameras and picture taking, and he recommended that camera to me. Now I’ve had it for some years so I guess it’s not like it used to be, but it’s the best I have. Okay, I talk a lot of bad about it for it being really expensive and actually good and also very big. The only problem is that the camera seems to be having trouble with making the photos become good quality, which is the reason many of my pictures look really bad. My header picture is very good quality, but the only reason for that is because of the editor program I use, and making pictures good quality on the computer takes a lot of memory and also a lot of time to process. My computer is a macbook that I got for school, and it literally sucks so bad, so it’s not easy for me to make good quality pictures. But I try the best that I can and I guess that it works for now.

I also wanted to say that I didn’t make a makeup post today, I didn’t even try my new makeup. I was going to town to shop with my sister and her friend, and my sister stressed me so much that I didn’t have any time for any extra makeup. Instead I was thinking about making a New Years makeup tomorrow, and spicing it up a bit from what I was going to do today. I hope that I have time tomorrow at least.

Love, Ellie


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