new makeup

hello guys! 

I was away shopping on sunday and I bought a lot of things! I’m gonna make another post about that with all of the things I got. Right now I just wanted to show you guys the makeup I got. I only got three things, as you can see in the picture, but they were sooo worth it, like jesus.

I am no good in contouring or anything, but practice makes perfect, right? The contour kit as you can see is from the makeup brand pashion? Fashion? I can’t really tell and I have never heard of it before. Anyways it’s a powder kit, which I’ve heard are better for beginners than cream contour. I haven’t tried it yet, but the colors look nice, even though the highlighter and light colors are quite dark for my very pale skin tone. I think I’m gonna test it tomorrow and let you guys know what I think of it. Maybe I’m gonna do post about my makeup routine? Only time knows.

The mascara that I bought is the Big Bold mascara from Isadora and let me just say, wow. This is not the first time I use it, nor the last, but o m g I love it. That mascara is my life. My lashes get super big and it’s such a pretty black color. I don’t really like the way some mascaras have a slightly light kind of black shade. This mascara is pitch black, at least on my lashes. I have the biggest complex over my eyelashes, and while some people like their lashes kinda clumpy and sticky, I want my lashes to be separated. I almost want my lashes to look as separated as fake lashes. I even have thought about start using false lashes just because how perfect they look. This mascara is perfect for me. It separates the lashes, even though the brush isn’t hard. I just love it, it’s just my kind of mascara.

The eyebrow pencil is also from Isadora and it’s in the shade 21 dark brown. Now, I don’t really like to fill in my eyebrows with pencils, because of how my natural eyebrows are so blonde they can’t be seen,  and pencils tend to make it hard to draw lines that aren’t too hard or dark. I tend to like powder more. But this pencil was almost perfect. It had the perfect color, and it wasn’t creamy, but not too hard either. It worked just right for me. I still have to learn to work with pencils, since I’m so used to draw my eyebrows with powders, but as I said with the contour, practice makes perfect. Hopefully, anyways.

Okay, that was the makeup that I got. The reason I wanted to show that was because, as I wrote in the beginning of the post, I’m probably going to make a makeup post and try the contour to see what I think of it, and also show you how the eyebrow pencil looks. I’m going to make a post about everything else that I bought, because I just love all of the things so much.

Love, Ellie


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