christmas and blogging


I’m a little late, because we celebrate christmas on the 24th in Sweden, but I know that some of you may be celebrating it on the 25th or some other day.

I haven’t really been feeling the christmas spirit this year, it just was christmas and now it’s over. It’s been raining constantly all winter. Or practically all year, we only had like two weeks in total with good weather this summer, after that it’s just been raining. I really want some snow, but I’m kinda giving up on it because it doesn’t really seem like it’s coming this year.

I got some nice things for christmas, I’m probably gonna make another blogpost about it, but I got quite a lot of money which I’m happy about since I have some things I need to save for.

I’m also gonna redesign my blog a little, you know just change some colors and probably make a new heather. I think I’m gonna look up other blogs to give me some ideas, both for posts and also for pretty designs.

I don’t know why but I’ve always loved designing blogs, even though I can’t make any HTML codes or any codes for that matter, I’m always making up creative ideas and matching with colors and perfect photos in the right places. I know just the way to make blogs personal, but sometimes I can be too creative, and I think I need to tone it down a little to make it more settled, which I personally think looks a little bit better.

I’m gonna write down some types of blogposts I can write so I’m a little bit prepared instead of taking multiple days before I post. I’m thinking about maybe a favorites for this months, things I got for christmas and maybe show you all a little bit of my room and how I decorate it.

I hope you all have had an amazing week and holiday, and that the end of your year is as amazing as can be.

Love, Ellie


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