inspiration and ideas


I’ve thought about ways to make my blog more interesting and that is of course with pretty photos. I have a pretty good camera and I could easily take some of the pretty things I have to take photos and make them a little aesthetic for the blogging purposes. The only problem is that when I leave the house in the morning, it’s black outside and when I get home in the afternoon, it’s black. Oh, the fucking joys of living in Sweden. No, but for real, it’s so so dark outside when I’m home, and I don’t have any of those expensive studio lights to help me, and the other lights that I have are not good at all.

But I have been looking around tumblr and weheartit for some inspiration, and I’ve even searched for pretty instagram feeds to give myself some ideas. I really want to redesign my blog but I don’t really know how I want it to look. I’m trying to search inspiration for that too, but I really can’t find something that I like, and I have so many ideas but I don’t know how to make HTML codes or anything.

I feel like I want to have one and the same kind of style on everything, you know so that it’s not a pink picture and then a blue and then a white when my blog is yellow. If that even makes sense. I want everything to be a specific style, like the most instagram feeds are. I’m thinking about white. or light kind of styles, or maybe some kind of pink pastel.

I’ll have to think about that.

Love, Ellie


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