Hello lovely people! 

My post from yesterday brought back many memories for me, and I figured I could share some of them with you. The last fact about me was about how I’ve had big dreams my whole life, and it made me remember how it was growing up with ambitions running through my blood.

I think that this subject is really important for people to think about, especially young people. How children deal with dreams and hopes really affects their future and the time growing up. That’s exactly the reason I’m going to write about it today, because being the kid with the biggest dreams in my family, I’ve had to experience a lot of negative and positive views on it. If you’re not a person of big dreams than it’s really important to not talk bad about other peoples bigger dreams, since that may be all they have.

I remember that I’ve loved music since I was a baby, and I knew from a really really young age that that’s what I wanted to do. I remember writing own songs when I was six or seven, and I still remember some of them. I think that I already started thinking about moving somewhere to work with music when I was in fourth or fifth grade, so ten or eleven. Of course, at that age I didn’t really understand all that with money and media, but that didn’t stop me from listening to a lot of music and dreaming about being one of the artists that I listened to. I think that it was around seventh grade, when I was thirteen, that I really thought about moving to a music city, like to LA or somewhere in the USA. I already then understood a bit about that money doesn’t grow on trees and that it wasn’t just to move and live. I remember that my sister always told me “yeah, good luck, like you’ll have the money to move there” with a negative attitude. We don’t talk about it much now, but I remember that it saddened me to talk about it with her. Many people laughed when I talked about it, friends and relatives, you know older people that know much more than me. My mom would always tell me that it was okay to dream, and that I shouldn’t stop. But I couldn’t stop thinking about the negative views on it all. Like what if I won’t be able to? what if I’m going to be stuck in this city all my life? And it scared me, it really did because there’s a bigger chance of that happening. Being really young and hearing about all these negative things that doesn’t really matter in you little head was hard. Because after all, you know nothing about it. You’re young and you haven’t experienced world, but they have, they know what’s behind the closed door. I understand now that it doesn’t matter, but it came to a point were I saw no point in dreaming about it anymore. Like, how would I be able to have money to move away from my little town? I still don’t know how I’m going to save all that money, and what I’m going to do here while I do that. But I haven’t stopped believing in what I want to achieve. It hurts me quite a lot that people actually crushed the thing that meant the world to me. Think of it as talking a kids lollipop and throwing it on the ground before stomping on it. Or taking their teddy and ripping it apart. It took me almost three years to remember what I want in life, and where I want to be.

I still have doubts about my life, and how I’m ever going to reach my goal, but I never let the negativity take over. This text may not get to you, because after all, they’re just my memories, which I don’t even remember in exact detail, but I remember exactly how it hurt when people laughed and told me that it wasn’t that easy and it was never going to happen. I remember how empty my head was when I gave up on everything, when I saw no point in ever dreaming about my future again, because how could I ever do something like that? And it still hurts when I think about all the people purposely bringing people down and making them doubt themselves. And that’s exactly why my memories are important for this post, because I was so happy when I talked about my dreams. I was so happy when I thought about how fun it would be to do exactly what I wanted when I grew up. But then people didn’t even think twice before they told me that it was no point, it would never happen anyway.

As a person with big dreams, I would never tell someone how they’re ridiculous for believing in themselves and what they’re going to achieve, because how fun isn’t that? Having something so strong pulling you in the absolutely right direction, having something to make you so freaking happy. But I wouldn’t judge someone about not having dreams either. You do you. Take it one day at a time, settle for whatever you get if that’s how you want to live. Reach for the stars and never settle for something less if that’s what you want. But appreciate other peoples lives, and appreciate their motivations and ambitions, because that may be all they have left.

If you have big dreams, never stop believing in them. The only person who can make them come true is you. No one in the world can do it for you, so take every opportunity you can get. And never let anyone else decide for you, because after all, you’re the one who’s going to live your life. What’s the point of having your own life if you let other people control it?

Whoever you are, and whatever it is about, never stop believing. Do whatever you want, but make sure it makes you happy. This is the only life you get, or at least the only one you will remember, so make sure you enjoy it. Dream big and never settle for something less than the best, because you deserve to have it all. You’re important, you’re appreciated, just be yourself and do what makes you happy. 

Love, Ellie


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