Creativity makes the heart grow bigger 

Hello everybody! I recently started getting really creative with my room, which has been very hard since it’s soo small. So because I can’t be creative with fun furniture, I decided to make more wall decorations. I got my mom to take me to our local hobby shop, where I bought acrylic paint and some small paintbrushes, which resulted in the picture above. Nothing that I tried worked out, so I just took some of the things I drew and put them in a frame that I got from my sister some christmases ago. I really liked it, and wanted to put some real pictures in it, but I haven’t gotten around to print out some, so instead of just wasting such a pretty frame, I made some really quick drawings of nothings and put them in. I got tired after a while and stopped caring about how they turned out, and that’s why some of them look a little bit better than others.

Anyways, I’ve started thinking out many ideas of things to put on my walls and how to be creative with wall decorations. I’ve bought more paint and a lot of more paintbrushes, so I hope that I get around to painting some day soon. I’m also going to paint my wall, but I’m gonna let that be a surprise for now 😉

I also thought about what I wrote in my last post, and I’ve come to many conclusions. One is that I really do need to update more often. Another is that I don’t need to go out and have the most adventurous life to make good blog posts, I mean, it’s my life I’m writing about. Of course it would be fun for some to read about crazy and fun adventures and nice and pretty makeup and people baking and making food, but I want you guys to read about my life, not someone that I want/trying to be. And therefor I’m going to upload silly things like this, about how I drew small horrible things and put them in one of my favorite frames and how I really like to decorate my room creatively. I’m going to write about how boring I am when I sit in my room watching movies and how much I love cake, because that’s my life, right? and I mean, that will get the right people to follow me, because that’s what I want. I want the people reading my blog to follow me around in my world, what I do in the days and what’s on my mind. Because that’s what’s making it my blog, because it’s about me.

So, for you people who want to follow my way through an ordinary life, feel free to stay, and for the people looking for adventures or other extraordinary things, I’m sure you will find a perfect blog for that 🙂

Love, Ellie


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